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Country: United States
City: New York
Industry: Fine Art
Professional Title: Artist
Specialties: Mixed Media, Pop art, Mosaicist

- About -

After graduating with an MBA in international policy in France , I obtained my first job in New York City working in the fashion industry. After a decade in the fashion business, I decided to go back to my first passion and studied the Arts. I experimented with different kinds of media in diferents schools and went on to specialize in Mosaic Art in Italy for a good part of my artist earlier career. Now i specialized in mixed media and Pop Art.
I created large scale commissions for prestigious commercial clients such as The Rockefeller Center, the New York University Cancer Institute, the Ritz Carlton hotel, and Pfizer, as well as I designed art surfaces, wall paintings, furniture, 3-D art pieces and paintings for galleries, Art Fairs, private clients and collectors, who describe my work as “an expression of light, color, joy, and good feeling with a twist of originality”.