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Country: United Kingdom
City: London
Industry: Design & Creative
Professional Title: Designer
Specialties: Concept development, Creative research, Technology

- About -

I believe that designers have the responsibility to make progress and contribute to a variety of fields, such as materials, methods, products, sustainability, systems, ethics, etc. They have the obligation to move the design development in the right direction. However, the decision regarding what the right direction actually is depends purely on the designer him/herself. My passion is showcasing a critical approach to design based on an in-depth research on developments and events present in our current society.
My design direction relies on designing products and systems that are informed by an in-depth research. When designing those products and systems I try to make every decision influenced by information gathered through this research and not purely by my personal preferences. I really enjoy challenging my research skills to overrule my personal taste. With that said, I also do enjoy the making part of my projects as it gives me the opportunity to learn new crafts. I am also a really big believer that future technologies will be shaped by biology – if not by using biological sources than probably by mimicking the natural systems in order to make them more efficient -which is the reason why I am fascinated by biotechnology. I find biological material, especially the ones of a smaller scale (DNA, genes...), really intriguing as I believe that the new advances in research that are dealing with those materials are enabling the evolution of exciting new technologies. Besides creating new alternatives and products, those technologies also enable the implementation of the mentioned materials within domains with which they were not commonly associated. My plan for the future revolves around trying to expand my practice and get as many inspiring collaborations as possible. I always try to be involved in projects I really believe in and care about as I believe they will probably shape the type of projects I might be involved in the future. The only thing I never compromise on while designing is the fact that I will never apologise for my work.