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Country: United States
City: Westport
Industry: Arts & Culture
Professional Title: Knitiot Savant, Contessa of Creativity

- About -

Sooo-z Mastropietro, a graduate of the Fashion Institute of Technology holds a BFA in Fashion Design and Textile Design. Originally from the Hudson Valley, this serene setting mirthfully set the stage for an untapped eruption of color, clothing, and creativity. Her inauguration as an Art Director in Interiors cultivated her conception, “Mastropiece”, a silk painting business to create and sell her own wearable and decorative designs that infused art with utilitarian purpose.
She has continued to develop collections in oil, illustrations of estates, and a line of stationery featuring 'Socialites'. Other endeavors include community sculptural projects, curating, judging art shows, artist in residences, teaching, and classical bass playing. Her current work under the moniker, Knitiot Savant, is a unique fiber art form utilizing a triumph of fabric tubes, nuggets, and shreds in which she has shown all over the country in juried shows and has appeared internationally in publications.