Graphic designer, art director, digital artist, marketer, performing artist, makeup artist, stylist, model, illustrator, fine artist, product designer, ux/ui designer, photographer, communication & pr and more ...


Jennifer Wein

New York City

Graphic and Web Designer

I love to create things. My passion for design is grounded in a desire to make meaningful, inclusive, and honest experiences that have a lasting impact on people's lives.
I strive to create a mix of cultures and disciplines to challenge today's conventions around art, visual language, interaction, media and identity.



Gorden is a digital, figurative, painter/portraitist who considers his lifestyle his career. He spends his days exploring questions affecting the social, emotional, economic, and political aspects of life, then portrays the answers he generates through his art.
A digitally remastered visual griot, Gorden views his paintings as a global figure of speech. He’s keenly aware that younger generations use images to lubricate their thinking and promote viral messages. Gorden uses the study of Westernization, technology, and African concepts to tell the story of contemporary Africa.
Claire Morgan


Freelance Designer & Illustrator

I'm Claire Morgan, a freelance designer and illustrator. I work across branding, packaging, design for print and illustration.
I enjoy bringing illustration into all aspects of my design work, including hand drawn typography and logo designs, whilst still exploring illustration on it's own. I studied Graphic Communication at Birmingham City University. I'm open to any freelance work, please get in touch if you would like to work with me. Email: I sell my personal illustrations on my online store
Rajesh Boricha


Administration manager

I am B. Sc. Chemistry + Diploma in business management with specialisation in customer relations management.


Music&Performance Collective

Coocoolili is a group of musicians and performers presenting an evening of a variety of acts brought together under a common theme; an evening of music, songs, spoken word, performance, dance, quirky tomfooleries, profound ideas and profanities.
We are explorers of uncharted silliness and seas of trouble, intoxicated with fumes of general infatuation, on an artistic quest in search of the holy whale. Through music, text and a variety of integrated media, we interpret realities, we tell stories, we create a space where informal sharing can happen, and we want to offer a relaxed, warm evening among stranger friends and acquaintances. We are open to ideas and invitations but small talk is prohibited. Coocoolili collaborate with many performers but the Coocoolilicore cosists of: Christina Baltatzi, John Foteinos, Artemis Ignatidou, Andriana Minou, Stella Parlavantza, John Sotiriou, Nikos Stavlas, Maria Xypaki We present our performance usually on the first Tuesday of the month at the fabulous Jamboree in Limehouse, London.
Pretta Fiore


visual artist

My name is Pretta, I'm a brazilian artist that Iive and work in Italy. My painting is a free, spontaneous art.
Primitive in the synthesis that goes beyond time and space in which I created it. I paint instinctively, in an unconventional way, allergic to the rational severity of reality, overlapping layers of color, soaring toward the "ground zero" of drawing: very close to that of the children, but with an adult's awareness.
Lance Ravenswood



Hello I’m Lance Ravenswood (*1990, New Zealand) I like to say I’m an Artist of many fields. Freelancing in graphic design, modular construction, film and even flat whites.
I’m self taught in Drawing, mentored in cafes, studio floors and down dimly lit alleyways. Illustration has been my torchlight to expression, drawing the world and telling unusual stories of love in space. Now I’ve found all leading towards exploring what mankind's role will be in the cosmos, and how we may carry our long history of spiritual understanding into the stars, with some wit and complete obsession with tech & robots along the way. Working with black, white, yellow, and liquid chrome.
Yolanda Stokes


Yolanda Stokes

Originally from Norwich, Norfolk, I am a second year student currently studying Fine art at the University of Lincoln. My work is multi-media, combining paint, ink, printing, and photography, using different mediums and materials to introduce texture into my work.