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Country: United Kingdom
City: Southampton
Industry: Art Direction
Professional Title: Fine Artist
Specialties: acrylic and oil paint, Fashion & Beauty, digital Photography

- About -

I am a 20 year old Fine Art student at Southampton Solent University with a wide range of creative skills and interests; from my practise of painting, to photography, to fashion. I will be entering my third and final year in September 2017 and am looking for creative work to support my living costs and for my sanity. I have been involved in various exhibitions such as the Estuary Fringe Festival (Southend-on-Sea), Rochford Art Trail and 'Small Faces' (Solent Showcase, Southampton).
Alongside my degree, I am a second hand/vintage fashion enthusiast due to my interest in sustainability - I often update my fashion blog and buy/sell items. I am often involved in other creative projects such as modelling for fashion photoshoots.