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Country: United Kingdom
City: Birmingham
Industry: Design & Creative
Professional Title: Illustrator and Performer
Specialties: Photoshop

- About -

I am a multi-skilled professional with a flair for the dramatic and audio-visual communication. I am a passionate illustrator, who always keeps an open channel of communication with my clients to ensure final products are true to the client's intentions.
I am hard-working and punctual, working in a variety of styles to provide just the right illustration. I am an experienced educator who has used many methods in many different roles involved in informal learning. I am an experienced actor, having performed in many different types of production from the purely entertaining, to the educational. I am an experienced club and private function DJ, catering to a variety of music tastes from Metal, Rock, Pop, Ska, Punk, Indie, Electro-Swing, Soul, Reggae, Trip-Hop, and more. I have a large and ever-growing music collection and strike up a good relationship with guests at all kinds of events to steer the music in a direction that will please all. I am also an experienced stilt-walker, angle-grinder, and foot costume performer. I have my own stilts and angle grinder and, as always, strike up a good rapport with guest at events. I aim to give your event that extra bit of flair that will be remembered for ages!