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Country: United Kingdom
City: London
Industry: Design & Creative
Professional Title: Mixed media artist and designer
Specialties: Fashion Design, Illustration, 3D Design
Agent: none

- About -

I am a Mixed Media Artist and Fashion Designer living in London UK. I originally specialized in 3D Design, often using recycled materials in my work. This led me into Accessory Design and Set Design. I since have specialized in Fashion and Textile Design.
I have extensive work experience in Sales, Creative Marketing and Promotions, and the combination of this varied experience and skills brought me to my current position in visual merchandising and freelance artistic work. I am looking for creative work to help me gain more industry experience, and to help me fund my start up Streetwear and Costume brand- G.C.P. My website is currently under construction but you can view some examples of my work on social media here: Please feel free to email me if you would like to view a portfolio selection, hire me, commission or collaborate!